Payment Negotiation Services

We work hard to get the best payment price possible for your practice
Many practices and facilities we’ve worked with in the past were not even aware that some 3rd party payments can be negotiated for a higher payout.  And negotiating even small increases over time can generate big impacts in your overall annual revenue. 
It is worth it to fight for every penny. 

At Substance Solutions our insurance billing professionals quickly and fairly negotiate with 3rd party pricing agencies and payors on your behalf to acquire the best possible payment rate for your services. 

Your long-term ability to serve your clients depends on revenue, but poor negotiation practices can impact future payments with a 3rd party payor. It’s important to get each negotiation attempt right.    

Our dedicated negotiation team has collected data for more than a decade to help them better understand your position with each 3rd party payor.  As an integrated part of your billing team, we have systems and processes in place to track your negotiated claims all the way through the process, ensuring no claim gets lost in the complex systems insurance companies have created. 

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help improve your revenue with our reimbursement negotation program! 

Even small changes can make big differences in your revenue

Poor negotiation can have long-lasting negative impacts on your revenue

We use data collected over many years to find the best pricing strategies

Our negotiation strategies are well tested

We continually monitor the insurance marketplace for trends

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