Practice Management Consulting Services

“How Can I Make My Practice Better?”

substance solutions business consultingWhen clients see the difference Substance Solutions makes in their cashflow with our billing and collections services, they often wonder what else we have up our sleeve.

Quite a bit, actually.

Substance Solutions has many years’ experience supporting treatment facilities in 11 states (so far) – California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, New Jersey, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Tennessee and Texas.

Because insurance regulations vary by state, we see a large cross sampling of best practices. This enables us to spot trends in claim denials and proactively work with you to make your practice more profitable.

When we do your UR, our specialists audit your EMRs for potential red flags that would cause a claim to be denied, and we help you implement procedures and strategies to help your facility succeed.

As an objective third party, Substance Solutions often helps maintain a cordial working relationship between administrators and physicians by tackling issues of compliance, quality assurance, policy and procedure reminders.

Substance Solutions handles the “dirty work” of behavioral health administration so that you can focus on getting your patients the appropriate level of care they need for as long as they need.